Reports prove that the economic slow down has not effected Australian’s videogame market. CEO of the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia, Ron Curry said that game industry had grown by 112 percent since 2006. The Wii has topped among all the video games. With a large number of consoles sold in 2008 the Wii topped the sales at 680,000.

Nintendo sold around $37 million products in just one week in December. Nintendo Australia managing director Rose Lappin is not expecting the global financial crisis affecting the console sales. Gaming industry can survive in difficult market. The range of games is so broad that more and more people who have never played video games are getting indulged into it.


More than fifty years have passed since the first video game was invented. However that time the game was played only for fun. Now the games have taken a different direction. Last year a WKU professor received a grant to use the Wii Fit gaming system to rehabilitate brain injury patients.

The Wii therapy gives you reflexes you don’t even know you’ve got. Survey says that six out of seven clients using Wii-hab increased their memory and three of seven improved their range of motion. Moreover the Wii Fit brings joy among people as they sit together and enjoy the game.


Nintendo Wii Fit is the most sensational game of all. Nintendo is the number one console, and the number one is in North America. It is significant that still we are feeling Wii Fit availability. Still ten million gamers are happy in 2009. The more games are released but not like Wii Fit. We have got the most basic video games. It is the hard time for Nintendo to fulfill Wii fit availability.

The genuine thing is that they are getting dozens of choice but the best thing is Wii Fit. Retailers always feel Wii Fit availability for them to sale. The company wants to hit in 2009, they have n number of plans in pipelines but no plans to increase the supply. According to the survey made by IGN we come to know that if we check in crystal ball Wii Fit availability is the biggest problem for all in the society.

In next few months you will find Wii Fit availability  but not in decreased price 249.99 will be the just perfect price for the Wii, and unless Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 start undercutting Nintendo and outselling the company doing so. You can’t expect decrease in Price in Wii Fit now. The reports are showing that the Wii is on the first place in the 26 month but on the other hand Play Station 2 by 10 percent in the same period time. Nintendo please fulfill Wii Fit availability don’t decrease price, people are ready to pay


A video-blogging website, has come up with new ideas for the new and expectant mothers. It has collaborated into a partnership with a community of women who use Nintendo’s popular Wii Fit as a weight-loss tool. The site is four years old and it launched a collection on mom bloggers section on January 3rd, 2009 centering on a group of mommies. Te group includes the author of the blog The Cool Mom Guide, Julie Maloney. She votes for the Wii Fit claiming that she has lost 60 pounds using the game. The Wii Fit game includes a various fitness-oriented games from yoga to virtual snowboarding.

The content of this new section of would have experiences from the Wii Fit Mommies Group of being an Expert Mom. There would be a forum to share tips and support for losing weight while gaming in the New Year.


NHS Sefton held an event on January 10th, 2009 at Mons Square at Bootle Strand shopping centre. The road show was named as ‘Better Health, Better Life’ and gave a chance to win a Wii Fit system. The show had activities including free blood tests, face painting and getting active on a Wii Fit.

To enjoy a tasty broth, there was a soup cycle using pedal power. People also had a chance to write their views in a huge diary telling of what they felt about local health services. They also suggested NHS Sefton on how it should improve in the future. Visitors to the road show were asked to fill a questionnaire giving their views. Those who completed the survey entered into a free prize draw for a Wii Fit.

Hike in Sales 01/11/2009

Game industry has been booming since the launch of Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit. It is good to see that the popularity of video games continues to grow year on year. Moreover it is bringing families together with so many family oriented games like Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit.

Not only this, most games are also helping females who do not get time from daily work to get physically fit. Total sales of video game software and hardware for 2008 reached £4.031 billion, which means the video game market has doubled over the last five years. Games’ sales in 2008 were 23 percent more than the sales in 2007.


Nintendo’s hot selling exercise game, Wii Fit has been included for rehabilitation purposes by a UK hospital. For the first time physiotherapists at the hospital are applying sessions of Wii Fit into the schedule of patients and learn to adjust to the demands of a lower prosthetic.

Lynn Hirst, senior physiotherapist, said that many patients find it difficult to get their weight through the prosthetic limb. The combination of the balance board and the Wii Fit allows them to better decide where their weight is being applied. They also detected that Nintendo’s Wii Fit helps in releasing stress and frustration felt by patients.


Last year was spectacular for video game industry. Where the whole world was drowning in the economy there video game software was the whole soul for retailers. The Wii and Wii Fit flew off the shelves the moment they were in. The Wii Fit has been one of the most exciting games since its debut last year. People have always questioned about Wii Fit availability since its launch. The vice president of the National Retail Federation, Dan Butler says that if people will keep asking about the Wii Fit availability they are giving it more priority in the market. Thus making it more in demand.

Last year was exclusive for Wii and Wii Fit. With the rising demand of the Wii and Wii Fit Nintendo decided to open a mini store at Toys R Us in Times Square. This means we can be assured of the Wii Fit availability there. The major releases of Nintendo Wii Fit were Wii Sports and Active Life Outdoor Challenge.  With such major releases Nintendo’s supply issues with the Wii Fit and Wii have subsided now. Most stores like Toys R Us, Circuit City and GameStop have assured Wii Fit availability at store shelves.

Nintendo started the year as a mystery and cleared all hurdles at the end. It is also true that Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit availability has always created problem. However this time Reggie kept its promise with the Wii but the Wii Fit availability was not assured by the company. Thus if we think that we can get our Wii Fit after Christmas then we need to work hard for it.

Health is Wealth 01/04/2009

People are very busy in living healthier life this year you can use internet. The Live Healthy Iowa 100 Day Challenge will begin on 14 Jan 08 and it will run through April 23. Tabatha Vander Hyde has joined the program in January 2009 .She also took part in Mahaska County’s Biggest Loser. Though walking is a great physical activity but it is very difficult to maintain. That is why Wii Fit is the best demanding instrument for all.

Iowa State University Extension is a sponsor of all physical and weight lifting activities. The program began in 2002 because more than 74,000 lowans have participated and become more active. The best part is they have lost 153 tons. Dunn also told that Wii Fit has some yoga, strengthening, conditioning and aerobic activities. These all activities all come in physical activity for the Live Healthy Iowa 100 Day Challenge.


This is the shocking news when we come to know that Wall Street Journal informed that Nintendo Wii Fit and the Xbox 360 covered the Ps3 in this holiday sale. U.S sales fall down nine percent from December to last year. But for the same period sales of Wii Fit and Nintendo products doubled and were up eight percent for the Xbox 360.

Are you planning to decrease the charges of your console then I want to tell you that the console is direct successor of the Nintendo Game Cube. Nintendo first spoke among the consoles in 2004 in an E3 press conference and later came without any mask in 2005. Wii Fit is the leading console in sales as well as demand.


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