Ubisoft has announced Imagine Fashion Idol for Wii, a balance board-enabled game which aimed for 6 to14 age group. Fashion Idol will let users do catwalk through the Wii Balance Board. It is the most creative designer in two main workshops like clothing and Beauty. They will discover more than 40 fun and fast multi players’ mini games.

Ubisoft also boasted that the Imagine series has already entertained million of girls, by selling over 4 millions units worldwide   Lexis Numérique is handling the development of Imagine Fashion Idol. Wii Fit is contributing in dealing with exercises as well as fashion industry by giving Wii Fit which makes them fit.


Shaun White’s balance board- compatible game will be hitting retail stores on November 14th across Europe for all gamers who have been watching the game and liked it. It’s another addition from the house of Nintendo and is expected to be immensely successful like its former counterpart, Wii Fit.

According to IGN, the game has the advantage of a full Balance Board, integrating two or four player multiplayer support. Shaun White Snowboarding will be released the coming holiday season and consumers can catch more screens and art after the break. So start your journey to purchase the product from the market.


Today’s parents are very busy to check if their children our going outside to play,due to which children incur obesity and grow fat. Celia Kibler, founder of Funfit Family Fitness Center recommends Wii Fit for kids who want to stay active but do not have time to go out.

With an electronic device called the Gamercize, children can play video games as long as they are stepping or cycling. If children stop stepping the video game stops. Children get so involved in the game they forget they are exercising. Video games make teens believe fitness is fun. However still some physicians suggest that children should play outside so that they interact with other children instead playing video game inside a basement.


Kim Bales, program director of Newman’s inpatient rehabilitation unit disclosed that they use the Nintendo Wii system for rehabilitation exercises. Wii Fit is now being used around the country not only for entertainment purposes but for rehabilitation programs. It has given positive results as of now for all those patients who have had injuries and strokes. The balance board senses the weaker side of the patient and encourages working on that side.

Kim Bales said that patients from 39 to 89 years old have enjoyed using the system. Wii Fit has become a part of therapy which is worked out five days a week. Dale Barb, a physical therapist at Newman, said there are many ways the Wii game system can be used in rehabilitation. Patients really have fun while using the Wii as they cheer and laugh during the game.


Amazingly Wii Fit still found its way into the top five. NPD reported that now Wii Fit is at the third position. Surprisingly people still like Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock since it is at the fifth place. NPD has an intuition that Wii Fit would be higher on the list if it is available to attract more people.

Does anyone understand the success of Wii Fit? We have worked really hard in finding a reason to it. It is not actually the fitness program like yoga or aerobics that attracts, but it is the bundle of Wii Sports. It is all about fun for kids and eventually it gets into fitness. If you don’t believe me then check people, through which game do they introduce the Wii Fit?


Toys ‘R’ Us announced its 2008 Hot Toy list that includes almost all those toys that a kid would wish to see this holiday. The company announced that they will include 36 new toys that are sure to delight and excite kids across the country when they open their Christmas presents. From the overall list, the “Fabulous 15” was selected to represent the very best toys of the season. Wii Fit was among them.

Karen Dodge, Senior Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer of Toys ‘R’ Us said that they evaluated in 34 countries of all the new toys and concluded with this ultimate list of items. He further says, “With new toy shipments arriving in our stores daily, customers will have a better chance of finding the hottest toys, in stock, at Toys ‘R’ Us than anywhere else.”


Wii Fit still enjoys the top position on the Wii chart. Since three weeks Wii Fit has been leading the game. Mario Kart Wii and the new game Star Wars is still in the process to reach the top. Where Mario Kart is at second position there Lucas Arts’ The Force Unleashed is at the third position.

The only other new entry is Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, which jumps into the top ten lists at seventh position. With new releases like Shaun White and Jillian Michaels’ physical training, Wii Fit tends to stay at the top position for the next two weeks. Let us check the future.


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