Jillian Michaels of "The Biggest Loser" fame can now come right into your bedrooms and kick the flab out of you. Yes, it's true. The show has inspired a brand new release on similar lines with Jillian's patented in-your-face remarks to goad you on, or shall we say, scold you on! Nintendo released "Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009" for its Wii console. The game is sure to affect the status of Wii Fit availability the coming days with the show itself garnering increasing viewer ship.

It now targets families to compete using its innovative fitness game on Wii, with pre-recorded feedback from none else than Jillian herself to guide you through, or plainly put, to admonish you till you learn. Yes, there's something that the game has done away with - Jillian's swearing! The game that uses the Wii Balance Board to teach you to lose flab is worth a go and in case you don't want to get lost in the crowd trying to seek out Wii Fit availability, do get your hands on one till stocks last.


In a yet another attempt to get omnipresent, Nintendo has signed a deal with Marriot Hotel to provide its premium customers with the rooms equipped with special Wii systems having loaded with 20 games. Much to the delight of the hotel guests, the pre loaded games would feature one of the most popular games such as Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports and the most exciting stuff of them all is the Wii Fit availability . What else the guests can ask for, especially those who are fitness freaks?

Nintendo has pledged to increase Wii Fit availability in the coming holiday season. Let’s see what’s in store for the Wii Fit lovers this Christmas, as the last festive season of 2006 and 2007 suffered a tremendous crunch in the supply of the video game.


Another accessory for a game that can be seen nowhere. Recently our investigators spotted a Wii Fit yoga mat at a store in the U.S. Surprisingly this is the first time that we were not aware of this launch before hand. May be the company has not announced it officially yet. Then how come the yoga mat is in the market.

The mat is being sold out for $30 (£17) at the store yet this could not be confirmed as Nintendo has not announced it officially. However if the accessory is in America so can we expect the same in Europe and Japan?


The Shaun white Snowboarding will release on all the four platforms that include PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and our personal computers. The game has also the styles of skating and snowboarding. The game would also have 40 different songs from most of your favorite bands. Most important, the game will use your own balance board for more fun.

In addition there are features where you have different clothing and equipment for your player. The Ubisoft team is pays emphasize in developing the Nintendo Wii version. The only reason behind is the Wii Fit that will be a part of this game. They believe that the movements on the balance board will make players feel part of this game.


Wii Fit availability is seemingly a hotter issue than Wii Fit itself. Apparently, if we go by certain predictions, Nintendo plans to maintain a Wii Fit shortage, so as to blaze on the demand.

Wii Fit sold over a quarter of a million copies in its first week, and despite not being released outside Japan, it reached the one million unit sales milestone by January. As of July, the game had sold 2,353,000 copies in Japan. Prior to release, the consumer reaction was also positive in the U.K, with some retailers having to stop taking pre-orders due to its increasing popularity. Reports in the United Kingdom state that the Wii Fit launch had seen lines form nationwide. Woolworths claimed that the game was also selling at a rate of 90 copies per minute. In its first week of release, Wii Fit was the best-selling video game in the week, topping the all-format chart. Despite the game being sold at a higher price than average it became the UK's sixth fastest selling console title. During the week beginning the 19 May 2008, Wii Fit's sales in the UK fell from second in the all-formats chart to dropping out of the top 40 altogether, believed to be caused by a lack of Wii Fit availability.

Last month Nintendo voiced its plan to market the crap out of Wii Fit, stating "the increased buzz will drive increased demand for the already difficult to find Wii hardware." Okay, the UK is crazy over Wii Fit, but c’mon Nintendo, you guys shouldn't have a hard time filling the demand. The preorders at Amazon are going through the roof and with Wii Fit being on Good Morning America recently, we're sure the public is very open to the product. For god sake, I am sure, that extra inch around your belly doesn’t know marketing, and wont care a penny about Wii Fit availability, Will it?

Wii Fitness 10/06/2008

You maybe happy, you may healthy and you maybe fit, but all of that would be incomplete until you are Wii Fit. Nintendo is here yet again, offering you the brand new fitness gaming console, the Wii Fit.

The Wii Fit which comes with gaming software and a Wii Balance Board is based upon a hardware interaction between the player and the game. Based upon radical fitness issues such as BMI (Body Mass Index) and centre of gravity, the Wii Fit insures the gamer a precise approach. Adding to this precision is the battery operated balance board. So with the virtual world actually coming into your living rooms, maybe its time that you give this Wii Fit a chance.


The NES, Dance Dance Revolution,  and Track & Fiel  hardware devices are probably lying somewhere in the basement. But the balance board peripheral being provided with the Wii Fit, seems to be a different story. Said to have been inspired by sumo wrestlers using two weighing scales to weigh themselves, the balance board will be more than a weighing scale to most of its users.

The board is supposedly wireless and contains multiple pressure sensors that gauge the player's center of balance—the location of the intersection between an imaginary line drawn vertically through the center of mass and the surface of the Balance Board. While the Japanese units state that it is designed to support people weighing up to 136 kg it shall be noted that it is the same board as being sold in Europe. This starts to sound exciting, doesnt it?


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