US retailer GameStop has announced that its sales jumped to 5.2 percent within three months. However the interesting part is that the profit dropped form $52 million to $46.7 million. In 2007 there was similar case where after the launch of Halo3 in September the world’s largest games retailers also faced a decrease in sales by 1.8 percent.

It is believed that it is due to the fluctuation in the economy the major retailers and companies are facing problem. However GameStop revealed that the sales of new games have increased. It is believed by the CEO of GameStop, Dan DeMatteo, that despite of the decline of the global economy and its severe impact on the entire retail industry, GameStop had a strong quarter.


Wii Fit is 2008’s one of the most best selling titles. It is a very popular game that is high in demand. Best Buy customer assistant says that they have been trying hard to keep it in stock but the moment they get it in the store they are all gone. A lot of women buy the Wii Fit and find it quite appealing.

But using the Wii Fit doesn’t guarantee you will get good workout. Like any exercise program, you will get what you put into it. For some people who go for heavy workout will not find any difference.


The popularity of Nintendo Wii Fit is increasing day by day. In UK the highly searched item is the Wii Fit followed by the Nintendo Wii. The third item looked for was the Apple iPhone. The search started in October which is increasing as the holidays are nearby.

Internet searches are increasing day by day in UK. Very soon the scenario will be same in North America. During Christmas the search will increase as estimated by the analysts. Analysts believe that the searches are not as high as it was last year yet the Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit has occupied the top position.


Popular Science, the famous magazine considers the Wii Fit as one of the best inventions for this year. They consider it to be the gym game. They were very glad to discuss about a peripheral that contributes in healthcare industry.

They consider themselves to be the biggest fan of the balance board after taking feed backs from most of the customers. In their top 100 inventions of 2008, they also added the Wii Fit in the list and were excited to discuss about the components that comprise the balance board. It doesn’t matter to them about the price, what they were glad about was adding a fitness game into their list.


The Nintendo Wii was already capturing the market when suddenly the Wii Fit expanded the whole market. Millions of people are now using the Wii Fit to get fit. However as we know nothing is perfect on this earth. The balance board lacks something very important.

If you use the Wii Fit daily then the batteries will run out fast. This becomes very upsetting when suddenly the game stops in between when you are about to win. However this drawback has forward a golden opportunity to someone else. Mad Catz have come out with the Rechargeable Battery pack for the balance board. This keeps the game running for at least 20 hours. If discharged then you can easily charge via a USB charge.


Canadian University has started a program where they are trying to encourage overweight children to be more active. Laurette Dube, head of the 2008 Mc Gill Health Challenge Think Tank says that exergaming could be a valuable motivational tool. The Community is opened by the University of McGill in Montreal, Canada.

There are some people who feel that promoting physical activity through the use of video games isolate children socially. They avoid going outside to play. However there’s a lot of value to children having physical activity options in their home and even at school. The Wii Fit is just an excellent example from inactivity to activity.


Game Boy sales had crossed the 81 million units’ mark, back when it was running its peak times. Launching games like Pokemon and Tetris, it made its way into consumers’ hearts with ease. Its records seemed unsurpassable for quite some time, but Nintendo DS dispelled all such skepticisms. With its audience spanning women, elders and children alike, there has never been a better entrant in the gaming world. Sales figures touching 84 million units globally are apt indicators about the product’s success.

Almost 9 million Wii Fit units have been a sellout worldwide with a whopping 230 million Wii games sold out as well. Industry analysts observe Mario Kart Wii and Nintendo Wii to be the best gaming products so far this year.


The economic slowdown has not left any particular sector untouched, with USA losing its invincible aura for maybe, forever. Just about every sector, retail, banking, international business, gaming, you name it - it’s hit! Nintendo surely hasn’t been an exception. But does that mean Nintendo too is on its way to dwindling out? With a recent 34 percent increase in profits reported, it sure doesn’t seem so.

UK and USA, the billion euro mark has been crossed. A staggering 27.5 million units have been sold out worldwide, a feat that deserves applause. But at the same time, DS reports sliding sales. But at the same time, market analysts consider Nintendo to be a house that is set to gain. According to them, games could be budget substitutes for families looking to avoid pocket burning activities like vacations. Hope Nintendo survives the economic tsunami sweeping the globe.


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