Having conquered both the Xbox 360 and PS3 in sales, Nintendo's biggest competitor may be freeloading pirates. After its annual lobby efforts with the US Trade Representative, the company singled out Brazil, China, Korea, Mexico, Paraguay, and Spain as piracy havens and asked the government to take further steps to combat Nintendo bootlegs for example, pressuring offending nations to clean up their act.

For the uninitiated, a black market DS cartridge can be purchased online to enable the playback of illegally downloaded games saved to a micro SD card. The Wii can also be modified with a "mod chip" to play DVDs, homebrewed software, and illegally copied games. Although Nintendo gave China the dubious honor of being the hub of production for counterfeit Nintendo products, it also blamed Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Paraguay, and Spain for having lax legislation to combat piracy.

Sony Powered 03/01/2009

In this economy, gamers who are feeling the credit-crunch may find it hard to justify paying upwards of half-a-grand on a shiny new video game console. But not to worry. You can still get your mitts on that high-powered gaming machine you’ve always wanted without having to make your wallet cry. But which console is the best fit for you?

First up is Sony’s PlayStation 3. At $399.99, the basic 80GB model is the most expensive basic-model console available. However, take a closer look at what you get for what you pay for. In addition to its gradually developing game library, the PS3 also plays Blu-ray movies, DVDs, and CDs. It provides 1080p digital resolution for Blu-ray discs and up scales your old DVDs to high resolution. Its built-in Wi-Fi and free Internet browser allow you to access your free PlayStation Network membership, where you can play online free of charge.  

Fun for You 02/23/2009

The Families have free fun during all play in the library on the third Saturday of each month. The library is providing the games and equipment and even some tutoring in chess. If people are in learning how to play various games then they have experts too who make them comfortable under their guidance. During the last five months and average of 50 children, all are very in great relief.

The library staff is developing the program which was totally modeled on the activities of private libraries. The new 100,000 square foot facility which was located on the Taco Time block in downtown Nampa but is still in the planning stages.


Electronic Arts is planning to increase the influence in the Nintendo Wii platform by giving EA Sports Active exercise package. They are hoping Wii Fit as the best selling fitness title on the console to date. Electronic Arts claims that no one will benefit from much more serious workout. However, Electronic Arts is focusing on cardio workout and a strength   improvement workout is very challenging.

We have a new peripheral with this time which was designing the leg strap that will also hold the Nunchuk as your hand the Wiimote. They will also expect to work for $60 from EA Sports Active. 


Consumers are still spending on video games. The video games are getting hike up to 13% in January and collecting $1.3 million coins which was mostly grabbed by Nintendo. It was both in software and hardware. Wii Fit was the most top selling game for month because they have sold 777,000 copies. Nintendo Wii Play, Mario Kart, and Electronic Arts came in top five series.

Checking overall software sales we come to know that 10% to $676 million while hardware grown to $445 million. It was in 17% increase over the same period last year. According to NPD, accessories are also enjoying a bump of 11 % due to the interest in consoles.


The U.S market in video game software and hardware is registering another year on year growth in January. Keeping an eye on the details on the NPD Group we come to know that the total market was more than US$1.3 million in January. The soft ware sales has accounted for over half over the market at $677 million which was a rise of 10 percent on the year while the hardware sales is rising 17 percent to $445 million.

Nintendo Wii Fit was again the top console of the month. The totals of 679,200 consoles were sold during the month. It was more than double that of the Xbox 360 as well as three times of Play Station 3. However, Wii Fit, Wii Play and Mario kart were the top three ranking software titles.


Researches in The University of Aberdeen and NHS Grampian has cleared that Elderly people are very interested in Wii –Fit. The researchers eagerly want to grab the games system’s balance board so that they can hinder older people falling. They are searching volunteers who have fallen at once from the last year and evenly attending regular sessions.
The fund was given by the British Geriatrics Society (BGS). The Aberdeen is looking for people over 70 to take part in a study to see if the Nintendo Wii Fit could their in balance. During old age 90% of elders are falling and suffering from hip fractures. The study will be carried out in Woodend Hospital. The over 65s are living independently in the community fall at a rate of 30% per year, and this will be rising as they are getting older.


According to Namco Bandai, the Wii title, Family Trainer has sold over one million units all over the world. The title is also known as Active Life. As compared to Wii Fit, this game is priced £20 cheaper than Wii Fit.

Kotaku reported that the game Family Trainer has sold 540,000 units in North America, 320,000 units in Europe and 140,000 units in Japan. It was released on 29th May, 2008 in Japan and was in stores in September 2008 across Europe and the US. Family Trainer comes with a game mat on which two players can play together and challenge each other through a host of games.


There was a time when anybody walked into GameStop store demanding copies of Wii Fit, even ten or more than that and they were readily available for you. The scenario has changed now. There is still shortage in supply of the Wii. Wii Fit, the balance-board fitness game that can give mastery over yoga and exercises is still in short and is not available in the stores.

Still, if you are desperate to catch a hold, there’s a way out to get yourself a copy. According to What They Play podcast listener Keith Kolmos, you can sign up for a text alert on Amazon.com and whenever they have it in supply, they would deliver it at your doorstep. He himself has bought a Wii Fit by simply signing up a text on Amazon. The Wii Fit was delivered to him with free shipping value for face value.


Reports prove that the economic slow down has not effected Australian’s videogame market. CEO of the Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia, Ron Curry said that game industry had grown by 112 percent since 2006. The Wii has topped among all the video games. With a large number of consoles sold in 2008 the Wii topped the sales at 680,000.

Nintendo sold around $37 million products in just one week in December. Nintendo Australia managing director Rose Lappin is not expecting the global financial crisis affecting the console sales. Gaming industry can survive in difficult market. The range of games is so broad that more and more people who have never played video games are getting indulged into it.


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