There was a time when anybody walked into GameStop store demanding copies of Wii Fit, even ten or more than that and they were readily available for you. The scenario has changed now. There is still shortage in supply of the Wii. Wii Fit, the balance-board fitness game that can give mastery over yoga and exercises is still in short and is not available in the stores.

Still, if you are desperate to catch a hold, there’s a way out to get yourself a copy. According to What They Play podcast listener Keith Kolmos, you can sign up for a text alert on and whenever they have it in supply, they would deliver it at your doorstep. He himself has bought a Wii Fit by simply signing up a text on Amazon. The Wii Fit was delivered to him with free shipping value for face value.



Tue, 24 Feb 2009 19:33:58

I was able to get my wii fit at I was having trouble running around stores and finally stumbled upon this site. It was delivered very quick and now I am getting fit. Cheers.


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