Sony Powered 03/01/2009

In this economy, gamers who are feeling the credit-crunch may find it hard to justify paying upwards of half-a-grand on a shiny new video game console. But not to worry. You can still get your mitts on that high-powered gaming machine you’ve always wanted without having to make your wallet cry. But which console is the best fit for you?

First up is Sony’s PlayStation 3. At $399.99, the basic 80GB model is the most expensive basic-model console available. However, take a closer look at what you get for what you pay for. In addition to its gradually developing game library, the PS3 also plays Blu-ray movies, DVDs, and CDs. It provides 1080p digital resolution for Blu-ray discs and up scales your old DVDs to high resolution. Its built-in Wi-Fi and free Internet browser allow you to access your free PlayStation Network membership, where you can play online free of charge.  



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